Mark I Escort Project

I bought a 1974 Mark I Escort from Ebay for £4,000. When I saw it I realised it had lime green road paint all over the paintwork as it had been stood outside a paint factory.

I knew straight away that it would have to be sand blasted back to metal even though the panels were in pretty good shape.

I got it home and started to strip it down, labelling each part carefully as I removed them so I would remember where they go. It would be months before I put them back on the car and would quickly forget what went where.

And so it began …….

Even my cat wanted to get involved
The shelving unit full of labelled parts

The Escort came back last weekend from the sand blasters so hopefully I can start replacing any panels which are beyond repair. The car is quite solid actually so won’t need too many.

This stuff is great for cleaning the metalwork